Decentralized Systems Lab

DSL, headed by Professor Andrew Miller, conducts research on topics related to cryptocurrency and decentralized digital systems.


FPSG, under Professor Chris Fletcher, works on research projects at the intersection of computer architecture and security, with some machine learning components as well.


Hatswitch conducts research on topics related to privacy, anonymity, and censorship online, as well as other topics in network security. They are led by Professor Nikita Borisov.

Illinois Security Lab

The Illinois SecLab, headed by Professor Carl Gunter, studies wide-ranging issues in information security, ranging from healthcare privacy and security to critical infrastrucutre security and beyond. They are also involved in security education at all levels of the university.

Network Security Research Group

NSRG, under the direction of Professor Michael Bailey and Dr. Joshua Mason, conducts research in a variety of security topics. In particular, NSRG focuses on Internet measurement projects relevant to security.


The SALT lab is co-led by Professors Yun Huang and Yang Wang. One line of their work studies people’s privacy and security behavior and build end-user privacy/security tools.

Secure and Transparent Systems Lab

STSL is led by Professor Adam Bates and studies a diverse set of security issues dealing with operating systems, the cloud, and the Internet of Things.

System Security Research Group

The Systems Security Research Group, or SyNeRCyS, examines and improves the security properties of embedded systems, cloud computing platforms, and smart manufacturing systems. The group is led by Professor Sibin Mohan.