Michael Bailey

Dr. Michael Bailey is an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois. His research contributes to the sciences of computer security, network architecture and design, network protocols, and distributed systems.

Adam Bates

Dr. Adam Bates received his PhD from the University of Florida, where he was a founding graduate student of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity. His research confronts issues of security and transparency in computer systems and networks.

Nikita Borisov

Dr. Nikita Borisov is a Professor in the Computer Engineering department. His research interests are network security and online privacy.

Chris Fletcher

Dr. Chris Fletcher is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science with research interests at the intersection of computer architecture and information security.

Carl Gunter

Dr. Carl Gunter is a professor in the Computer Science department. He teaches and does research on security and privacy for computer systems. His current primary projects relate to security and privacy in the healthcare and electric power sectors and for networking.

Dakshita Khurana

Dr. Dakshita Khuruna is an Assistant Professor working on foundational computer security, cryptography, and theoretical computer science.

Kirill Levchenko

Dr. Kirill Levchenko is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research focuses on e-crime and the security of cyber-physical systems.

Bo Li

Dr. Bo Li is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science. Her research interests include security, privacy, and machine learning, working on projects related to anomaly detection and adversarial deep learning.

Josh Mason

Dr. Joshua Mason is a Research Scientist with interests in system security, machine learning, natural language processing, and more. He leads the Network Security Research Group along with Professor Michael Bailey.

Andrew Miller

Dr. Andrew Miller is an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering and in Computer Science. His research interests are broadly in computer security, and focused on the design of secure decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies. He combines techniques from programming languages, cryptography, and distributed computing.

Sibin Mohan

Dr. Sibin Mohan is an Assistant Professor working at the intersection of cyber-physical systems and security. Much of his research is related to embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

Ling Ren

Dr. Ling Ren is an Assistant Professor studying applied cryptography, computer security, and distributed algorithms.

Gang Wang

Dr. Gang Wang is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science. His research interests include security and privacy, Internet measurements, data mining, and human factors.

Yang Wang

Dr. Yang Wang is an associate professor of information science, and by courtesy, computer science. His research focuses on usable privacy and security, social computing, and explainable AI.