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This is the official website of the Security and Privacy Research Group at Illinois (SPR@I). We do cool research in security and privacy.

This website will feature information about the group's ongoing projects and contributions to recent conferences.

CCS 2016

SPRAI members presented several papers at CCS 2016 in Vienna, including:

  • A. Hojjati, A. Adhikari, K. Struckmann, E. J. Chou, T. N. T. Nguyen, K. Madan, M. S. Winslett, C. A. Gunter, and W. P. King. “Leave Your Phone at the Door: Side Channels that Reveal Factory Floor Secrets.”

  • D. Tian, A. Bates, K. Butler, and R. Rangaswami. “ProvUSB: Block-level Provenance-Based Data Protection for USB Storage Devices.”

  • A. Miller, Y. Xia, K. Croman, E. Shi, and D. Song. “The Honey Badger of BFT Protocols.”

  • G. S. Tuncay, S. Demetriou, and C. A. Gunter. “Draco: A System for Uniform and Fine-grained Access Control for Web Code on Android.”

  • Z. Liu, H. Jin, Y. Hu, and M. Bailey. “MiddlePolice: Toward Enforcing Destination-Defined Policies in the Middle of the Internet.”


Michael Bailey ECE
Nikita Borisov ECE
Carl Gunter CS
Adam Bates CS
Andrew Miller CS & ECE
Joshua Mason ECE

Affiliated Faculty

Matthew Caesar CS
Chris Fletcher CS
Starting Fall 2017!
Yih-Chun Hu ECE
Negar Kiyavash ECE & ISE
David Nicol ECE
Manoj Prabhakaran CS
William Sanders ECE
Tao Xie CS